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MONEY TALKS: PROFITS BEFORE PATIENT SAFETY explores the many questions surrounding the ethical and societal implications of the marketing practices of the pharmaceutical industry, and how these practices relate to consumers, physicians, research, the FDA and Capitol Hill. Featuring interviews with key opinion leaders from major universities, investigative journalists, medical professionals, former pharmaceutical sales reps and others, these experts frankly discuss how pharmaceutical companies push drugs to doctors, influence medical research, and put all of our health at risk.

This is a must see for anyone who wants to take part in the upcoming national healthcare debate.  You will understand how the pharmaceutical industry is affecting both your health and your pocketbook.

“A chilling documentary” 
-Marilynn Larkin – The Lancet

“Money Talks filled the gaps...   things are far worse than I suspected.” 
Evelyn Hampton - UTNE

“You've tackled an immense issue with clarity, courage and conviction.          Thank you.” 
John Robbins - Diet for a New America, The Food Revolution

SIDE EFFECTS is romantic comedy that is sure to make you laugh and open your eyes to a world you probably had little idea existed – legal drug dealers.  This satirical look at the pharmaceutical industry, as told through the eyes of a pharmaceutical sales rep, is loosely based on writer/director Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau's decade as a pharmaceutical sales rep.  Katherine Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy does a bang up job as Karly Hert.

Available nationwide in stores from Warner Bros.

“Savagely Funny”

 Jeanne Lenzer – British Medical Journal

"Side Effects is riveting, funny and insightful."
Dr. Mehmet Oz - Oprah & Friends

“Fun, funny, insightful, and profoundly disturbing.”
Shannon Brownlee, Investigative Medical Journalist

“Drop dead fascinating”
Deborah Ray, Healthy Talk Radio



THE KATHLEEN SHOW  - Grabbing life by the ovaries!  This radio show is all about better living.. the good life and good health.  Great guests inspire you to make changes in your life.
Rated as one of the FRONTIER FIFTY by Talkers Magazine. 

To ensure that socially conscious films are brought to the public, I teamed up with Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau to launch an independent film distribution company, HUMMINGBIRD PICTURES- making a difference, one drop at a time...

Listen to some of the radio show below:

*Michael Pollan's Interview on The Kathleen Show

*Listen to Dr. Andrew Weil's Interview on The Kathleen Show

*Listen to Maya Angelou's Interview on The Kathleen Show