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Ellen Page talks with Bill Maher on the vanishing of the bees

VANISHING OF THE BEES, a feature-length documentary narrated by Ellen Page (Juno), takes a piercing investigative look at the economic, political and spiritual implications of the world wide disappearance of the honeybee, a potential ecological apocalypse that could topple our food chain and forever devastate our way of life.

From the dawn of society, the nature and origin of the honeybee has awakened the curiosity and interest of man. In the past five million years, this furry insect has been a creature of special sanctity, representing many things such as the human soul, industry, cooperation and the sacred feminine.

Our relationship with bees also denotes the most ancient form of agriculture. Today, however a mysterious phenomenon, known as “Colony Collapse Disorder,” is killing the honeybee; they’re disappearing all over the planet and nobody is quite sure why. 

•A third of our diet is pollinated by the honeybee.  Modern agriculture depends on this furry insect for most of our fruits and vegetables and to create clover and alfalfa to feed livestock...

•Crops relying on honeybee pollination are estimated at $14 billion every year in the US alone.

•Last year beekeepers suffered losses of up to ninety percent of their bees.  If Colony Collapse Disorder strikes again, the commercial beekeepers hit by the syndrome will go bankrupt.


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